Application for a  New Charter

Program Fee $100 (required for BIC)  per program training area.
Send payment to Alabama SkillsUSA State Office.

Membership Fees
Student Membership is $15       Professional Membership is $30
Send Payment to National Office in Leesburge, VA


College Membership Rosters must be submitted by Jan. 25th

Final Membership Deadline is Feb. 1st

Click  Here to Login to National Membership Page:

  • National Membership Information Click Here

  • State Membership Policy:   Private or for profit Schools may join SkillsUSA but will not be eligible to compete in SkillsUSA District or State competitions.

  •  State Membership Policy:  Advisors MUST be paid Professional Members before your students will be eligible to compete.     (1) instructor per program area.

  • State Eligibility Policy:  High School program areas must have a minimum of (12) student members to be eligible to send competitors to the District or State Level.

  • State Eligibility Policy:  College program areas must have a minimum of (8) student members to be eligible to competitors to the State Level.

  • State Eligibility Policy:  High School and College programs that have (20 to 29) student members, may send (2) contestants per contest.  (30 or more) student members, instructors may send (3) contestants per contest.             NO additional contestants for Co-op students will be allowed! 

  • Three (3) contestants is the maximum contestants from a chapter per contest” Chapters need to host local contests to determine which 3 students should represent the local chapter.

  • State Dual Enrollment Policy:  Students that are dual enrolled in a Career Technical program have three options to compete:  

  1. Option #1- Students may compete in the High School division provided that they have a High School Advisor that is a paid SkillsUSA professional member and the  program has a minimum of (12) student members on the official roster per program area

  2.  Option #2- Students that are High School Coop Students and are listed on the National Membership roster as enrolled in a Mixed Training or  Coop Section.     

  3. Option #3- Students may choose to compete in the College/PS division provided that they have a College Advisor that is a SkillsUSA profession member and the program has a minimum of (8) student members on the official roster per program area.

program is defined as a Department or Training Area within a High School or College
Example:  Drafting, Welding, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Computer Science etc...
After All membership rosters are completed and Submitted an invoice will be mailed to your school address.
Make Membership Checks Out to:  SkillsUSA
Mail Membership Dues directly to the National Office  (Do Not Send Membership Money to the State Department)

What Do Students Get for Their Dues?

Dues-paying student members of SkillsUSA automatically receive the following benefits:

Access to career resources and contact with industry
Opportunities to compete in the SkillsUSA Championships at the local, state or national levels

Opportunities for scholarships, awards and honors
Job contacts and networking opportunities
A chance to learn and practice professional and leadership skills
Recognition from peers, teachers and leaders within the community

SkillsUSA Magazine Subscription
All SkillsUSA members receive a subscription to SkillsUSA Champions, the official publication of the organization. This quarterly magazine includes feature stories about outstanding individuals and their achievements, articles about SkillsUSA chapters and the latest information on careers and training. Your instructor should submit online or postmark your roster by Nov. 15, to receive all issues.

Scholarship and Award Opportunities
SkillsUSA members have opportunities for more than $1 million annually in scholarships, contests, awards and honors. Review the this document for a list of scholarships. Many are tied to the national SkillsUSA Championships. Each state offers its own awards and scholarships through their state conference. You can also visit our Scholarships page for additional opportunities.



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