201 National SkillsUSA Leadership Conference and Skills Championships

June 25th-June 29th  Louisville, KY

Mail all checks to:  Alabama SkillsUSA Association
C/O Alabama Dept. of Education
PO Box 302101
Montgomery, AL 36130


Team Registration Update:
* All contest teams will now have one team limit where they will be required to pay for the number of contestants required for that team. An option to register a range of team members will no longer be available. A fee will automatically be charged according to the team requirement. For example, if the team requirement is a team of three a team charge of $600 will automatically be charged ($200 per team member) whether the school registers the full team or not. The exception to this new rule is Quiz Bowl as outlined below.

* Quiz Bowl will require a team of five but the school may also register up to two alter-nates for a total of seven on the team. An automatic team fee of $1000 will be charged for the required five members. An additional $200 will be charged for each alternate registered.

Billing information:
$XXX Registration Fee Includes: $XXX National Fees, $XX.00 State Fees
All Registered Students, Advisors, and Family must attend the AL Orientation Meeting at the Hotel on Monday JuneXXX 6:00 pm
Please Make all Checks out to :  "Alabama SkillsUSA"
Mail Checks to:
Alabama SkillsUSA
Alabama Dept. of Education
Room 3307 Gordon Persons Building
P.O.Box 302101
Montgomery, AL 36130-2101 

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